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Watchmen: Bill/Byron, PG 
2nd-Feb-2012 12:54 am
crazy little thing called moth
Title: Don't Make Bill Sad, His Puppydog Eyes Will End You
Fandom: Watchmen
Rating: PG
Pairing: Bill/Byron
Warnings: kind of meta, not quite meant to be taken seriously. If you're offended it's your own fault.
Summary: A little crack AU piece in which Bill and Byron have the internet and are reading reactions to the news of the Watchmen prequel.
Notes: This is crack and kinda tongue-in-cheek. Maybe some people will get some enjoyment out of it. It was fun to write.

Don't Make Bill Sad, His Puppydog Eyes Will End You

Bill came back from his run through the park with a bright smile, bursting with energy. Byron looked up from his computer when the door opened. He smiled and shook his head. Trust Bill to be beaming even more after a thorough workout than before.

“Hey, how did the fans take the big news?” Bill asked when he saw that Byron was checking one of the Watchmen communities. “I bet they're excited.”

Bill was leaning over Byron's shoulder, trying to see, but Byron quickly minimised the tab, only to reveal what else he'd been doing online, in Bills absence. But hey, Bill knew him, he shouldn't be surprised. Still, Bill raised an eyebrow at the images and Byron could have sworn Bill blushed a little. Anything was better, though, than seeing disappointment in those soulful eyes.

“Well...,” Byron said hesitantly. “Some of them are. Some of them really love the idea.”

“Really? That's great,” Bill said. “Here let me see.”

Before Byron could do anything, Bill had commandeered the computer and had reopened the tab. It was practically painful to see Bill's face fall.

“One? Only one person in this discussion?”

Byron frowned. “It's not even a discussion,” he grumbled. “But I do know about at least two more who are absolutely... how did they call it, “psyched” about the idea. They just can't be bothered with the mess this post is sure to become.”

Bill still didn't look much happier.

“How can they hate it this much? They haven't even read it. It's not even released yet. Here, see what they're saying...”

“No!” Byron interjected, his hand closing around Bills wrist to gently pull it away from the mouse pad. “Don't scroll down there.”

“Why?” Bill asked, frowning.

Byron sighed and shook his head.

“Ok, look,” he said. “Here's how I see it. There are three ways in which people respond to these prequels. Some of the fans love it, some hate the mere existence of it. Then others will spend a hell of a lot of time complaining about these books but will read them later on anyway and might actually end up loving them. And between you and me, I think I have the biggest problem with those. I can respect a person with an actual standpoint, but somehow I don't like hypocrisy.”

Byron's voice turned sarcastic on that last part.

“So...,” Bill said. “A lot of people really really don't like it.”

Byron nodded and shrugged.

“Looks like it. But as I said, a lot of fans are just kicking up a fuss about someone playing in a sandbox that is, supposedly, “theirs.” I think they forget that it had an original owner. Who...,” Byron smirked wrily, “sadly threw his toys out of the pram and stalked off in a huff when things didn't go his way.”

Bill grinned. “Are child metaphores your theme of the day? I think I like the moth ones better.”

“Well,” Byron said. “Since there's so much childish behaviour going on, I guess it's a fitting theme...”

Bill nodded. “Still, I want to read this discussion.”

“It's really not a discussion, Bill. “It's just a lot of snark. Not that I object to snark, I think we know I'm no stranger to it, but at least I can incorporate it into actual arguments.”

“I guess,” Bill muttered, but he was nonetheless absentmindedly scrolling down the page. Suddenly, his eyes widened in something akin to horror and fascination.

“Is that... Is that Rorschach? With a bottle of acid?”

Byron cringed. “Unfortunately, yes... See, that's why I didn't want you to look at this.

“This... this is....” Bill screwed his eyes shut. “I assume they still haven't invented that stuff they call brain bleach?”

“No,” Byron said regretfully. “Still just a figure of speech, I'm afraid.”

Bill was about to snap shut the laptop, but suddenly something caught Byron's eye.

“Hey, look. One more person who's excited.”

Bill read the comment and smiled, then closed the computer.

“Maybe there'll be more by tomorrow,” he said.


Later on Bill and Byron were curled up on the sofa together, football quietly running in the background.

“Hey, what's your favourite cover art?” Bill asked out of the blue and Byron was momentarily startled from the book he'd been reading.

“Uh... I guess I'm partial to Ozymandias,” he said with a chuckle.

“Oh? Should I be jealous?” But Bill wasn't. He was still grinning. “Fanboy,” he teased, ruffling Byron's hair affectionately.

“Yours?” Byron asked.

“Hm..., Silk Spectre's looks pretty cool.”
2nd-Feb-2012 05:48 am (UTC)
pffffft hahaha ILU

Especially for this one: "threw his toys out of the pram". Husband and I were talking about the whole Alan Moore vs DC thing yesterday, and he also says that yeah, Moore is being an ass about this whole thing. Also, have you read the interviews with JMS (he's writing the Nite Owl and Dr. Manhattan issues)? The guy was already cool when he wrote Babylon 5, but omg, I totally love his slightly snarky attitude.
2nd-Feb-2012 05:39 pm (UTC)
Haha. Yay, I am glad you like it. XD

i think that is the one thing the majority of the fandom agrees on. Alan Moore's wtf-worthy behaviour.

Anyway, I saw that those interviews are around but haven't read them yet. Will have to do some time soon, though.
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